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(LinuxWorld) -- Thanks to everyone who responded to the column GNOME and KDE revisited. I got a broad range of responses. One person who hasn't done any development yet for either GNOME or KDE immediately echoed my sentiments about the superior maturity of the documentation for KDE and Qt. Last week, I said I would address the issues of maturity, language, and theme handling regarding GNOME and GTK, so this letter provides me a convenient segue into the first of these topics. Unfortunately, I won't have room this week to get into the issue of language, but I hope my rant about theme handling will tide you over until then. Before I get started, let me address the general sentiment of many of the letters I've received about last week's column. Most of the e-mails I received ranged from disgruntled readers to outright flames. I'd estimate that half of these letters sa... (more)

Getting GNOME 2 going on Debian

(LinuxWorld) -- Got Debian? Don't got GNOME 2? Not surprising. Debian doesn't get nearly as much attention as other distributions when it comes to updating software packages, least of all desktop environments like KDE and GNOME. There are good reasons for this, and bad ones, but either way it's reality. The problem with packages like KDE and GNOME is that you often have to wander away from the standard Debian servers to get the latest versions. This introduces the potential for unresolved dependencies or even package and library conflicts. If you're a Debian user, you can look on ... (more)

X-oops, I did it again

(LinuxWorld) — One of my non-profit Web sites, VarLinux.org, ran on my modified version of the PHP-Nuke weblog package from the site's inception in March 2001 until late November 2002. I chose PHP-Nuke as a starting point because I was very impressed with it. However, the more I learned how to use PHP, the more I realized that PHP-Nuke was not only a tangled mess but that I had made it even worse with my modifications. A year later, I was faced with the fact that VarLinux.org was not only lame because it was based on PHP-Nuke, it was also showing its age. It lacked features... (more)

Time for a new installation paradigm, Part 2

(LinuxWorld) — This is Part 2 in a series calling for a radically new approach to Linux software-installation. Part 1 examined many (though not all) of the problems with the current approaches to software-installation. This time, we'll take a closer look at the technological considerations behind one of the biggest issues for software installation: shared libraries. The best way to solve the problem of shared libraries is to understand why they pose a potential problem and how Linux uses them, so let's explore these issues. Shared libraries remain the pivotal issue for software-... (more)

Time for a new installation paradigm, Part 4

(LinuxWorld) — It is finally that time in the series to formulate changes and new approaches to software installation on Linux. Let's first summarize what we have learned, as well as the important factors and goals. Administration and troubleshooting are very expensive Any given application may share files with other applications Systems don't necessarily store shared files in the same places People often install the latest versions of software Unofficial versions of software are often required RAM is cheap Disk storage is cheap CPU power is cheap Broadband access, where availabl... (more)