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(LinuxWorld) -- This will hopefully be the last in my series on GNOME vs. KDE (see "RELATED STORIES" section below for a link to each installment), at least until GNOME 2 is finalized and I've had a chance to play with it. This week I'm going to speculate on a possible scenario where KDE could make a miraculous comeback in terms of mainstream applications. Before I begin, I'd like to respond to some of the terrific e-mail I've received. It seems appropriate, given this week's topic, that I begin with a correction. Contrary to what I'd assumed in my column last week, neither StarOffice nor OpenOffice use GTK. Both suites do connect to the Accessibility Tool Kit in GNOME 2, and Sun has endorsed GNOME as a desktop, but you'll have to scratch them off the list of top applications that are written using GTK. I sit corrected. That pretty much obliterates my lone example o... (more)

Jedit, Jext & J: Java-based editors compared

(LinuxWorld) — When I ran into Slava Pestov, the core developer of Jedit, on IRC, I asked him what he thought of some of the increasingly popular Java-based Integrated Development Environments such as Eclipse and NetBeans. To paraphrase his opinion, IDEs are just bloated editors loaded down with a bunch of wizards. I might agree — with the possible exception of Eclipse, which isn't editor-centric. Where Slava and I probably differ is that I like both; there are times when I want a lean, mean editor and times when I enjoy a good, bloated editor packed with wizards. Fo... (more)

Time for a new installation paradigm

(LinuxWorld) — It is time for a radically new approach to software installation for Linux. Starting with this article, I will examine the problems with existing approaches to software installation, look at the technical issues, look at some of the alternatives, and propose a framework for a solution. Let me be clear that this is not an attempt to evaluate existing package-managers. I most often recommend Red Hat Linux, I like Mandrake and Knoppix, I use Debian, and I'm about to try Gentoo, so I'm not here to push one package-format or distribution-type over another. I may like ... (more)

Miguel goes Mononuclear

(LinuxWorld) -- I'm running a survey on www.varlinux.org. The question is as follows: "Mono (.Net) should be..." Fully supported in GNOMEFully supported in KDE, GNOME, and othersStabbed, stomped, shredded, shot, stuffedBurned at the stakeIllegalWritten entirely by Miguel in Visual BasicMandatory disease for anyone caught using itPecked to death by 1,000 crazed chickensOther (please comment) So far, the vote is overwhelmingly against Mono. The top pick is to force Miguel de Icaza to write all of Mono himself in Visual Basic, but "Pecked to death by 1,000 crazed chickens" was a clo... (more)

Ion a not-too minimalist window manager

(LinuxWorld) -- All right, I lied. In my last article, I promised to cover file managers you can add to window managers. Immediately afterward, I discovered another window manager that won me over in just minutes. It's called ion. The minimalist Ion is a minimalist window manager. Minimalist window managers refuse to rely on things like icons, title bars, window buttons, launch pads, and the like. I happen to like these kinds of window managers because they try to take the attitude that the window manager should be managing the windows, not the user. That's one of the biggest p... (more)