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(LinuxWorld) -- I thank the readers who sent in their comments and snippets of code in response to Two stupid PHP tricks and More stupid PHP tricks, a series about what I'm learning while adapting PHP-Nuke for VarLinux.org. I want to share a few letters that include information useful to any PHP user. If you recall from the first column, the crypt() function can suddenly switch to a different default encryption algorithm depending on how you have your system set up, which can break user password authentication. On my system, the default switched from standard DES to MD5. I fixed the problem by forcing VarLinux.org to use standard DES, as it was the original default. A fellow named Matthew sent in this solution for switching users over to MD5. He uses a bit of code that checks the encrypted password to see what algorithm is being used, and then re-encrypts the plainte... (more)

KDE 3.1 vs. GNOME 2.2: How GNOME became LAME

(LinuxWorld) — Judging from the comments about my article last week, many readers seem to have missed the point. I used installation experience to draw attention to both the negative and positive consequences of the different designs in GNOME and KDE. What should have tipped off most readers is the fact that the very things I complained about — the GNOME approach of scattering of configuration files, the imitation of the Windows registry, the inconsistency of the user interface, the lack of features in the user interface, the lack of features in Nautilus, etc. &mdash... (more)

Opera is better than Godounov

(LinuxWorld) — When it comes to opera in the traditional sense of the word, I prefer Boris Badenov to Boris Godounov. When it comes to Opera the Web browser, however, I've been avid fan for years. For quite a long stretch, Opera was the fastest browser I could find. I'm not sure it could win that title anymore, but it's still quite fast and it's more feature-rich than ever — it has more features than I could hope to cover in one article. The latest version of Opera for Linux is 7.11, and it is vastly improved over earlier versions with the exception that it seems to have more Java... (more)

Codeweaver's CrossOver Office is the best way to do the wrong thing

(LinuxWorld) -- I am writing this column under protest. The idealist part of me is protesting against the realist, who is the driving force behind this week's column. Here's the deal. I tried Codeweavers' CrossOver Office, which is a commercial product that lets you run Microsoft Office 97, Office 2000, and Lotus Notes natively under Linux. Codeweavers performs this miracle with an enhanced version of Wine, which means you can run these Windows applications without having to pay for a Windows license. The idealist part of me wants to say that nobody should run Microsoft Office o... (more)

Microsoft's smell of desperation

(LinuxWorld) -- It seems like the world is turning upside down and inside out. Few things ever seem to make sense in worldly terms, but the events of recent days have truly threatened to turn what's left of our freedom in the U.S. into a surreal nightmare. First, some VarLinux.org readers noted that Congress is considering a bill that would allow recording companies and other content providers to crack into P2P networks to protect their content from piracy. As one reader pointed out, this would give content providers more power than the FBI to not only invade your privacy, but t... (more)